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Mental Health in the Construction Industry: 5 Key Improvements

As a nation we have felt uncomfortable discussing our mental health because there has been a negative stigma attached to it that has made it difficult for sufferers to speak out and seek help. 792 million people worldwide are affected by mental health issues and in a study conducted by MATES in Construction, mental health […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Employing a Local Supply Chain

The effect of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced UK companies to evaluate how robust their supply chains are and to implement strategies to future proof their business as the procurement landscape undergoes a significant transformation. An increased global demand for raw materials such as steel, timber, PVC, and chemicals has led to shortages […]

The Importance of Information Security and GDPR Compliance within the Construction Industry

A core asset for all construction companies is their data. It is no longer sufficient to just consider the protection of offices, building sites and machinery. As the construction industry continues to rapidly progress and adopt advancing technology, the digitisation of highly sensitive data puts companies at an increasingly higher risk of cyber-attacks. Building information […]