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Compliance in Construction (Best Way in 2023)

Compliance in Construction

Construction is one of the most regulated industries in the UK, which is why demonstrating compliance in construction is essential in 2023.

Understanding what compliance in the construction industry is, and why it is important, is essential for buyers, suppliers and contractors to ensure their projects are fully compliant with industry standards.

In this post, we will look at what construction safety compliance is, how it affects buyers and suppliers, and identify the best way to demonstrate compliance in 2023.


What is compliance in construction?

In a nutshell, ‘compliance’ is the act of following laws, regulations, standards, warrants, terms, conditions and requests within an industry. Being compliant ensures the health and safety of the public and demonstrates that your company is a responsible business.

The construction industry is responsible for a wide range of activities from building roads and bridges to constructing buildings. 

As such, there are numerous areas of compliance that companies involved in the construction sector must meet in order to remain compliant with legislation, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Compliance in construction for suppliers

Within the construction industry, compliance is essential for suppliers and subcontractors delivering trade services across the sector.

Demonstrating compliance opens more doors when tendering for future opportunities, as it shows that you have the necessary certifications and expertise to carry out work safely and in accordance with building regulations.

It is also an assurance of quality, demonstrating that your products and services meet industry standards, allowing building material suppliers to satisfy their supply chains.

Better yet, compliance exposes suppliers to both Public Sector organisations and Principal Contractors, creating the potential to access lucrative government contracts and work on high-profile projects.

Why is compliance important for buyers?

Whether it’s for reviewing their current supply chain partners or managing data as part of the project management process, compliance in construction is just as important for buyers as it is for suppliers.

Demonstrating compliance helps buyers to ensure that their current and future partners are meeting the necessary health and safety standards, as well as protecting themselves both financially and legally.

Compliance also helps them to identify fraudulent activities, such as ghost workers, within their supply chain.

Meeting environmental and social value targets are also essential parts of any construction project, and compliance can help to demonstrate that these targets have been met.

How does compliance affect health and safety?

Meeting health and safety standards lies at the heart of compliance in construction, especially given how dangerous the industry can be.

In fact, 2,880 workers within the construction industry suffered from a non-fatal workplace injury in 2021/22 alone.

Being compliant will help to make sure that all workers are kept safe at all times, helping to reduce the risk of accidents and workplace injuries. 

Compliance is also essential for ensuring that all workers have adequate training, tools and equipment to carry out their work safely.

Key responsibilities are clearly set out by the Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations, which require everyone to take reasonable steps to manage and minimise risk.

This includes providing adequate training for workers, taking necessary precautions against falls from height, and making sure that all equipment is regularly inspected and serviced.

It also ensures that all personnel can work in a safe environment at all times with the necessary access arrangements in place.

The best way for a construction supplier to show compliance

Ultimately, demonstrating compliance in construction can help buyers to reduce costs, mitigate risks and demonstrate their social value.

With so many requirements to comply with, having one central location to showcase your compliance to potential suppliers or buyers can make the process much easier for all involved and can open the door for new opportunities.

That’s why the Compliance Chain platform is the best way for a construction supplier to show that they are compliant and meet industry standards.

Compliance Chain is a platform used by suppliers and subcontractors across the UK to demonstrate their compliance within the industry.

The platform allows companies to showcase individual industry standards they meet and makes their supplier dashboard visible to Principal Contractors and Public Sector clients across Britain.

Gold members can demonstrate their compliance in quality management, environmental management, equal opportunity and more through their construction-accredited compliance certificate.

Buyers in both Private and Public Sector organisations can also use the platform to manage their construction projects, review and manage their supply chain, conduct live monthly project reporting and ensure all their projects are delivering demonstrable social value.

To discover more about Compliance Chain, please contact our team or sign up for a gold membership today!

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